Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to study your methodology?

Hi Sergei:

It was a pleasure to meet you during the recent TOCICO conference. I am really interested in learning about your approach to organizational structure.

Is there any source that I can consult in order to study your methodology?

Best regards,

David Poveda

Sergey's Response:

Hello David,

So good to meet you in Chicago/St. Charles. You asked a difficult question. I couldn't answer it at the conference, and not sure I am going to give you a coherent answer today.

I think there is no way to learn this methodology right now. Some folks like to point out to various books:

Working Papers:

But I don't think you can really learn the practice from a book. Try learning martial arts from a manual. You need a teacher, practical experience, keen interest (which you have), good books/papers (above), and residency.

I am beginning to believe that there has to be a paradigm similar to medical doctors:

A Set School Program with experienced instructors
Residency, where you get to practice

None exists today. There is not a business school in the world that offers a single course, especially overtime, into any of these concepts.

I am slowly putting up articles, but even there I do not describe the exact methods of getting the data and approach. I am going to put a book out, but even that would not be sufficient. To answer your question, we need to create a set course, 2-weeks at least (4-weeks better), and then 1-2-year practice, where you would have support from colleagues/instructors as you implement, and make mistakes, in practice. Perhaps TOCICO could be a good organization to facilitate this.

What are your ideas?


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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